We’re Committed to Our Community

In 2020, Best Practices Title made a commitment to give back to our South Florida community. Owner Giselle Breto believes corporate social responsibility initiatives align with her company’s values and her personal values.

Best Practices has partnered with Glory House of Miami as an ambassador for the philanthropic cause. The nonprofit organization takes in women who have been rescued from the human trafficking industry. Did you know that the same $5.00 you spend on a cup of coffee can help rescue a sex traffic victim?

When you do business with Best Practices Title, you are also giving back to the community.

We Donate $5 Per Transaction to Glory House of Miami!!!

People who have been trafficked are hiding in plain sight. They are all around us, but most people do not know what to look for. Women are being abducted, physically abused, murdered, exploited, raped, deceived, and coerced. They may be forced into terrorism and/or isolation. Children are forced into illegal child labor. Some of the industries this is commonly seen in are coffee, cotton, and chocolate trades, carpet and garment factories, brothels, domestic labor, massage parlors, and organ trade.

We’d love to have your support! Contact us if you’d like to donate or learn more about Glory House of Miami’s mission. Or, text “GIVE” to 305.363.1722 to make a $5.00 tax deductible donation.

Miami is an international gateway for human trafficking and Florida is among the top 5 states in the U.S. for highest number of victims. In South Florida alone, exploited women and children in the sex industry produces about $235 million. Help Glory House and Best Practices Title put an end to this!

The Statistics (NHTRC)
$32 billion- Annual profits from sex trafficking
27 million- Women and children enslaved throughout the world
1.2 million- Children trafficked for sex
14,500-17,500- Foreign nationals are trafficked to the United States 70% women 50% children

Local law enforcement cannot provide these victims with safe and secure shelters. That’s where Glory House comes in! They provide women aged 18-25 with a safe house they can reside in for 18 months and take a Christ-based approach to help them heal.

The next time you are at Target, please consider donating towards Glory House’s gift registry for everyday needs for their survivors.

Giselle also remains active in the community as a member of professional organizations, such as the Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce, Ladies Ledger, and National Association of Divorce Professionals.